Both thru hikers and section hikers enjoy our "Grandma's House" hospitality.

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See our Specials and Packages page for our 2019 Slackpacking multi-day packages !

If  you are thru-hiking the A.T. northbound, you  have hiked over 2000 miles when you reach Andover ME. Southbounders, this is your last place to enjoy Maine hospitality. Pine Ellis is a great spot for you the take a day off the trail, kick those boots off and give yourself a rest before you continue your hike.

We regularly pick up and drop off at the two closest trail heads of the A.T. (East B Hill and South Arm Rd) which are a mere 10 minutes away from our  B&B, and we offer shuttle services to and from these other trail heads :  Gorham (Rte #2), Grafton Notch (Rte #26), Rte #17,  Rangeley (Rte #4).
We shuttle from Gorham  to Stratton, and bus stations and airports.
Fees apply.

We have been happily hosting hikers for over 28 years. Check on our many services for thru- hikers, section hikers, and day hikers. Perfect location for several days of day-hiking or "slack-packing" This is a central spot for mail drops, visits from friends and family, and a homey stop to rest, recoup, and recharge.

Maine Appalachian Trail Club

Appalachian Trail Conference

Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association

White Blaze A.T. Community Site (Forums and Info for thru-hikers)


Shuttles are charged per mile, one way, per trip.  Fee is shared by the number of people on the trip. Up to 6 people per trip.
It is possible to arrange slackpacking for the 4 sections below.

Multi-day slackpack packages available.

Rte #2 trailhead, Gorham, NH / 40 miles
Rte #26 (Grafton Notch) / 22 miles
E.B. Hill,  Andover / 8 miles
So. Arm Rd., Andover / 9 miles
Rte. #17, Oquossoc /  30 miles
Rte. #4, Rangeley /  58 miles
Rte. #27, Stratton / 73 miles

Grafton Notch to E.B. Hill / 10 miles 
E.B. Hill to So. Arm Rd. / 10 miles
So. Arm Rd. to Rte. #17 / 13 miles
Rte. #17 to Rte #4 / 13 miles

Gorham, NH bus station / 45 miles
Bethel, Me / 25 miles
Junction Rte #2/#26 / 17 miles
Rumford, Me / 20 miles
Junction Rte #120/#17 / 10 miles
Rangeley Town / 50 miles 
Stratton Town / 68 miles
Lewiston Bus Station / 60 miles
Portland Airport / 85 miles 


February 2019:  As I look out now at the mountains of snow in our village, it is hard to imagine that we will soon be hearing the patter of hiking boots coming up our driveway.  We have had record snow this winter, and expect that our water table has been replenished.   I look forward to a summer of much better water conditions.

2019 hikers are making plans now for when they pass through Andover, sending mail drops, and reserving space for their stay in town. We have many reservations already for this hiking season, so please schedule as soon as possible.

Last season we had record numbers of hikers stay at Pine Ellis. 

We now have available our rustic camping cabins, 3 miles from the lodge, for small hiker groups or visiting families and friends.  Shuttles provided from the lodge to the camp.  Call for details.